Aileron April10

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

The new flying season:
We have started the new season with a flurry of activity. A few members have managed Le Touquet already although the airport 'closed' soon after Alan White visited.... something to do with ash and Volcanoes.

New charts are available and have the Farnborough Radar frequencies usefully printed on them. If you have not used Farnborough North (132.800) yet please be aware they can offer Traffic Service in our area and fill the void left by Essex Radar who normally (not today!) are too busy to provide anything beyond a Basic Service.

Implications of Eyjafjallajoekull:
The recent Volcanic Ash situation has caused many airfields in UK and Benelux countries to 'close' at short notice or only to accept aircraft for certain periods. Please ensure you take account of this fact when planning your trip during this exceptional situation. My personal advice is that GA Piston engined aircraft remain unaffected whilst performing VFR flights at the 'lower' levels and we have continued to fly so far with the only issue being whether an airfield is 'open' at the destination. Le Touquet was closed last Friday but happily received aircraft from us on the Thursday and on Saturday 18th April. La Rochelle and Nantes have remained closed so please check first!

Regarding the fleet:
All Archers have had their GPS databases updated - thanks Malcolm. They have new floor mats emblazoned with company logo(!) and are being waxed and valeted ready for action.

GMAIK (Seneca IV) has been sold and I delivered her myself to Charleroi in Belgium. I was given a first class Eurostar ticket home and I have to say I was impressed!

GBONC has been 'syndicated' and the possibility exists for an additional two shareholders. This is a great aircraft with long range fuel tanks and sensible running costs. Please call me if you are interested.

I have purchased an Airspace Alert on the strength of Richard Buley's purchase and can recommend this device. It really is the best 157 I think any PPL will spend! I am having power supply sockets fitted to KEMI and JACS (DIXY already has one) to facilitate the utilisation of these devices, the only drawback being their low battery capacity of just 1hr.

Fuel prices:
The Recent dramatic increases in fuel prices including 3.78p/litre in duty have forced an increase in hourly rates. Please check our website for the latest information.

On Final:
Please check your licence and medical for validity. It is easy to overlook and I am still performing Proficiency Checks each month with clients who have 'expired' without realising it.

Happy landings, Derick