Aileron Autum06

Apologies for the gap since the last newsletter and for the absence of any club trips this Summer

Some of you will be aware that Rudy has been through several months of treatment and has an operation scheduled for November. Rudy has been in some days and to look at him recently one would not realise he was ill, however, he has been through several months of chemotherapy and still has some hurdles to negotiate

Kevin has been under quite a lot of pressure during the last few months and has managed to keep our engineering support within parameters set by the CAA and our own high standards. I would like to say thank you for that.

I should mention that we have had considerable support from a number of individuals without whom life would have become quite difficult, John Romain, Andy Baker, Nev Gardner, Derek Cobb and Laurie Park have all assisted and many others aware of our predicament have offered and provided valuable support - my thanks to all of you.

Laurie and I attended a CAA road-show where the CAA attempted to extol the virtues of EASA (!) Quite a lot of “booing” and “hissing” from the audience set the tone. We have already signed up for EASA so there is little point in arguing about it what we need to do is grapple with the consequences. Some of these seem reasonable, other aspects require further clarification. Laurie (an ex-CAA engineering surveyor) was a welcome addition to the audience although it meant we ended up having lunch with some of his old buddies whereupon I saw first hand what four pints of Abbot followed by three flaming zambucas and a rum punch did to the attention span for the afternoon session.

One of the EASA requirements is to retire all Lycoming and Continental engines from rental/training and public transport utilisation after 12 years service – even if they have not achieved the manufacturers overhaul hours (usually 2000 hours). This has serious implications for flying schools and rental businesses such as ours. At present the deadline for this appears to be September 2008, the implementation date for EASA.

Many organisations have responded to this by contacting Lycoming and Continental and requesting statistical evidence to support their recommendation but to date no response has been forthcoming. I guess it is not in their interests to extend the recommended overhaul period for their engines for obvious reasons!!


Pre-flight inspections include checking electrical items, however, keep their function without the engine operating to a minimum. This is especially important in low temperatures to conserve the battery capacity.

Do ensure you know where the alternate static source and pitot static drains are located. Do not start the engines or taxy with the strobe lights on (see Gasil June 2006) - all our aircraft have placards warning against this.

Try to avoid prolonged ground running i.e. start the engine, set your coms/navaids and taxy to the hold – 2-3 minutes maximum.

Use minimum power for taxy and minimum braking and avoid rapid throttle adjustments.

For power checks, position near the hold but try to avoid heading towards the hold board or the crop – just saves embarrassment if during the run-up the brakes don’t hold on slippery grass!!

Use the whole runway length for departure

Use take-off flap settings if you are heavy or the ground is west/soft.

Use the carburettor heat prior to and throughout any power reductions, especially prolonged descents and periodically during the cruise. BUT please do remember to select “cold” prior to demanding full power, for example during a go-around or even levelling off.

Always have two alternates available with copies of the aerodrome layout/frequencies etc. on your kneeboard; even on a local flight it might be that “EGMA” becomes unusable due to weather or an incident. Cambridge and Cranfield or even Norwich make good alternates with facilities and free landing fees for a genuine diversion.

Why not book an IMC refresher with Derick – when was the last time you completed an ILS to minima or simply flew by sole reference to instruments?

Please be prepared to return the aircraft to the hangar – treat it like your own. If you do need assistance or are uncertain of operating the hangar doors call Derick or Anna on 01763-208492/07831-115658/07768-771563.


Roger Graham returned safely from Salzburg-Cape Town in G-RIGH after a fabulous trip lasting over 100 hours. I am hoping Roger might write a summary which could be accessed by interested parties. A trip that distance dwarfs most missions and deserves congratulations for Roger and his crew Colin Amies.

Bert van Horck had an interesting few days recently - renewed his PPL Friday, multi-engine rating completed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on Thursday took me to the Isle of Man and made an offer for G-MAIK, a beautiful Seneca IV which we have just surveyed and hope to complete the purchase of today. Apparently his girlfriend lives in Bucharest, father now lives in Annecy so has an excuse I guess.


G-DJJA – is for sale, please see enclosed flyer for details

G-BSXS ADF is intermittently faulty – the red warning lamp illuminates on R.B.I. when it is faulty. We cannot obtain product support at present so ADF placarded unserviceable.

G-MPWT, Seneca III is for sale 115,000 + vat. This is a great aircraft which is destined to become a classic of the marque, although dated the avionics package is comprehensive and all working. 

N638DB, Malibu is for sale Victor would like even more speed, call him for details 07714068946.

G-KEMI, Archer III is for sale. This would fit in our fleet rental scheme and comes highly recommended with low hours and excellent condition. Call Jennifer or Roger on 01438-7983694


New membership aircrew cards are in – please join us for another year of flying fun. Please make cheques payable to Modern air for 99.87 inclusive or instruct Anna to debit your credit card.

Have you seen our website recently? It includes a couple of member’s trips with some useful tips on places to visit:


This year we are planning to have the Christmas party on Friday 1st December at the King William, Heydon. The price will be 30.00 per head and we will need to know fairly quickly if you are interested. Please let Anna know if you would like to join us.