Aileron Autumn 2013

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Several epic trips this year by club members.

I just helped Jacqui Kier and Jennifer Kempster 'unload' GJACS after their French sortie: Rouen-Angloume-Troyes-Le Touquet and I have to say that Piper need credit. The amount of shopping including boots, pumpkins etc. you can cram into PA28. Well, I can tell you Mr Piper...

Mark Furman also just did a Rouen-Abbeville (but no shopping?). He just ate and drank his way around..

Roger Graham overshadowing most other explorations with his Nordic adventure. Nick Scarr and I 'did' this in 1988 and I always remember climbing out of Tromso in GVIKE and Nick demanding a 'Pee' he turned in his seat and peed into bottle. Unfortunately he kicked auto pilot disengage button and we plunged several hundred feet into nasty icing cloud. He thought it was 'me' being 'funny'. Wet pee on seat and my handling skills tested, we continued in silence to Kristiansand.

Other epics this year include: John and Mike Benson, Mark Furman and Andrew Sherratt (dead ringer for Roger G!) and Paul, Robin, Daniel Krupnick, Olivier Garigue (Limoges), Philip Wolstencroft (Swiss epic), Vic Flintham and his pals managed a French epic and even I managed a Jersey and back to see the airshow. I can recommend Hotel Cristina overlooking St Aubin and their 2011 Chablis with giant crab salad is something else! So a good year for clients trips.

Club News

Malcolm is a bit busy at the moment with his 'e-Go' project but he still managed to update GPS database's for me and hopefully he will get time to distribute this before 'snow'! Royce has promised to write a short account of his recent African safari and Tracey Curtis-Taylor has shipped her Stearman to Cape Town in preparation to emulate Lady Mary Heath's Cape Town to Cambridge epic (In case you wondered what on earth that Stearman was doing at Fowlmere). Tracey is being sponsored by Artemis and I am attempting to get her hair sponsored by Clairol..

Engineering is slightly overloaded at present and several aircraft are in various modes of 'disassembly'. However, Rudy and Kevin assure me everything is under control and we will be OK by Christmas!

EASA Licensing

A lot of you have already applied for EASA licence may I remind the rest of you that you MUST do this by April next year and currently it is taking around 6 weeks to achieve so please get moving!

On Final:

We have had such a great summer compared to last year without the Olympic Restrictions and even September has been a great month.

Keep flying and I will advise location of Christmas Party soon!

Happy Landings! Derick