Aileron Autumn 08

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Avgas has just been reduced by 2p/litre - funny how it takes so long to react to a reduction in crude oil price!

Christine and Laurie are providing vital ‘Man Friday’ support and I am filling in the gaps. Our size of operation simply will not support full time staffing so please contact us during the following hours:

  • Tuesday - Saturday 09.00 – 12.00
  • Sunday 08.30 - 9.30
  • Mondays we are closed.

If you need urgent help my mobile is 07831 115658.

This time of year the aircraft are usually hangared, please ensure any aircraft you use is carefully returned to the hangar and that the hangar doors are locked. Call if you need assistance.

Note: Ask one of our team if you need a reminder of the office locks code.

Remember you can use the classroom computer as a ‘Guest’ enabling access to Met and NOTAMs. There is also an open WiFi access point for you to connect your laptop to the internet if you wish. Our thanks to Malcolm Bird for this and other IT support.

We welcome several new members who joined us this summer.

We gained ‘EASA’ Part M, Subpart F and G approval to enable us to continue to provide maintenance support. This was a considerable challenge and I am grateful to Rudy and Laurie for their efforts.

Please e-mail your email address to: so that we can send you the newsletter and announcements by this means in the future. If you provide an email address you also get a Modern Air email alias of the form so that other members can send you email as long as they know your name. (Any email sent to this address simply gets forwarded to your personal email behind the scenes.)

Membership renewal is 31 October 2008. Please advise if you do not want to renew, otherwise we will welcome you for another year and send you the renowned ‘Aircrew Card’ with all its associated fabulous benefits (!)

The Christmas party is to be on 19th December at The King William, Heydon at 20.00 hrs. 30 per person. Traditional Christmas Fayre or vegetarian. As usual I will supply wine/women/song. Please register your interest!

We now have CCTV on the aerodrome to provide additional security.