Aileron Autumn 2014

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Club News
Summer was going well - then G-OWET stalled into crop on the south side of runway, Vic's Sportcruiser hit a bump at Main Hall Farm collapsing the nose gear and GRIGH ran off the end of runway at Strathallan. No injuries which, of course, is the main concern but a reminder to all of us that 'flying' has risks attached and can trip up even quite experienced pilots.

In the case of G-OWET and G-RIGH, this has caused quite an increased workload for us with insurance claims, negotiating with loss adjusters and even recovery of the aircraft putting considerable additional strain on our small workforce! Sadly, G-OWET is a 'write off' but G-RIGH is due back shortly as insurers have decided 'we' should repair!

On a happier note; there is some strong interest in purchasing of new aircraft with a couple of club members in advanced stages of negotiations.

I saw 'horizontal' lightning snake across in front of me, in July - in the UK(!), flew with Andy Baker in his Bellanca Viking, used the new Garmin 750 'touch screen' avionics and just air tested a C182 Turbo for a Majorca based client - this apart from sitting next to several of you renewing your IMC(IRR) mainly at Cranfield this year and several Proficiency Tests and have been kept busy generally.

I am going on holiday for a week on 25th October, so please keep this in mind for any 'bookings'. I will probably divert my calls to the office line as Christine will be coming in to check.

Licensing issues
Some recent good news is the CAA granting a 5 year extension to Registered Training Facilities like ours which is a huge relief as the route to become an 'ATO' was becoming a bit onerous!

Yet another good news item is the extension of IMC(IRR) deadline to April next year and relaxing the PPL Renewal requirements for 'Lapsed' pilots allowing examiners, like myself, to sign their certificate of experience instead of the previous route.

Fleet News
All three Archers have now been 'Teflon' treated, had their paintwork updated and their leather seats refurbished to keep them looking great. G-KEMI has an 'under-reading' left fuel gauge (by approx 5usg) which I am hoping to fix shortly. GJPOT will be on quite an intensive Annual from 29th October and will be out of service during November. G-DIXY is due an annual in December and will also be out of service for at least 2 weeks

Club membership
Subscriptions are due on the 1st November. I propose keeping cost same as last year 100+vat for 12months. Please let us know if you do not want us to debit your card! Aircrew cards will be blue for next membership year.

Xmas evening event:
I would like to invite you to 'Mulled wine and mince pies' at 37, Cambridge Road, Abington CB21 6BL from 1800hrs(L) on Sat 6th December. There is parking for 30cars on the grass at the front of the house, kiddywinks are welcome.

On Final:
With winter approaching we need to keep the aircraft 'hangared' - please ask if you need assistance or are not familiar with operation of doors or putting aircraft away.

Happy landings