Aileron Jan10

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Leaving 2009 and entering 2010:

The Christmas party at King William was slightly more subdued this year with no dancing on tables or Christmas cracker 'fights'. Eddie got lost in the fog, Apparently this happens often to him... It was nice to welcome some new faces/members and I think everyone had a good time with excellent food.

Regarding the fleet:

JACS is back in service! Many thanks to Rudy and Kevin for the hard work put into her over the last few months. The wheel spats are being painted as I write this and will be fitted shortly.

The auto-pilot servo fault with KEMI is in hand. I know a lot of clients never use the auto-pilots or indeed electric trim but I like to have everything working. I would like to remind everyone that the Transponder in KEMI is now programmed the same as DIXY and JACS and no longer requires 'CRSR' twice to initialise.

All three Archers have had internal leather refurbishment and new 'custom'(!) floor mats. I have also put documents and Pilots Handbooks into briefcases in each aircraft which takes the 'strain' out of the seat pockets.

All aircraft now have their own PLB and handheld VHF with headset adaptors attached in pilot's seat pocket. They have always been on-board but are now located in same place. Please do not 'relocate' these items.

DIXY’s new engine has settled down well and is very smooth. JACS’s new engine is still 'breaking in' and I would ask that you use at least 65% cruise or higher when practicable.

Field status:

The runway is holding up well having been closed for a few days due to the thaw. Please keep heavy braking and sharp turns off the agenda whilst the ground is so soft and slippery.

On Final:

A general 'tip' during cold weather is to have overhead vent 'open' and vent fan on ‘High’ to assist windscreen de-mist after start. This works very well. But, please remember to turn electric fan off for takeoff. It is not designed for use when airborne!

I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year.

Happy landings