Aileron Jan13

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

It was great to see everyone that could make it for 'Mulled Wine'. Thank you for coming.

Current activity

Melvin Jambawo managed a Le Touquet a couple of weeks ago and then we were effectively 'closed' by snow until Friday 25th. I am rather pleased the snow has finally melted. Jacquie Kier managed Cardiff and back this weekend and I have a small backlog of IMC Renewals and 'Experience' flights over next few weeks.

EASA Licences

If you have a JAR-FCL Licence you need do nothing, the transfer will be automatic at your next JAR Licence renewal using form SRG1104. If, however, your licence was issued prior to 1999 then you will need to apply for the EASA licence now to enable continued flight in our (any) EASA aircraft. [If you only fly Tiger Moths and or non-EASA aircraft you need do nothing!]

Please schedule a visit to CAA website and at least prepare to apply for EASA licence - presently April 2014 is the deadline and it is surprising how quickly time passes! The CAA are struggling and despite working weekends appear to have a backlog processing applications.

However daft it sounds the CAA have to have 'language proficiency' signed so please do not 'miss' this on your JAR renewal or EASA application - they also require an examiner to sign a statement verifying copies of your medical and FCL150. I am doing this foc for any club member that needs it - indeed if you need any help at all having downloaded the 8pages(!) let me know-please do download the application forms first though - I simply could not cope with 140+ members coming for assistance without them!

Fleet news

The port fuel tank sender in GDIXY has been replaced and appears ok now. It looked as if float had been 'shot' out of its holder(!) and GKEMI has also had a sender replacement (it was under-reading by 5usg). Unfortunately, GKEMI has had a 'servo' failure on auto pilot and I am awaiting new servo so no auto pilot or electric trim at present (won’t be long now). GJACS has had her wheel spats refurbished and refitted and now looks 'pretty' again.

Olympic restrictions

We 'lost' approx 85hrs due to Olympic restrictions last summer and it has been surprising what a difference that made (approx 15k in cashflow) and I am glad we do not have to face those restrictions again this summer.!


I was descending into Jersey recently when someone said 'hello Gunning' on the RT-transpired it was one of my PPL students (Now a Training Captain with popular airline) I was obviously horrified as I remember him mistaking Little Staughton for Bedford during his NFT.... It made me realise how old I am! It was also amusing to be sitting in dentist chair listening to the dentist telling me how they knew a 'mad' dentist who also flew for well known airline (in her spare time) and how she used to teach flying out of some farmers field near Royston - Nuala where are you and what exactly are you doing for Ryanair?

I went to Claridges last year to Adrian Wyatts leaving do (hic) and also to Guernsey to Richard Battersby's 70th. I simply cannot believe how time is flying past.

On Final:

I am going to attempt a Friday lunchtime 'club' this year and also a weekend trip to Texel - let me know your interest/give me a date you would like and I will attempt to make it happen.

Please check your licence and your medical and come flying soon.

 Happy Landings!   Derick