Aileron May09

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Recent flying (or not):

Rudy and I have just got back from Inverness with GJPOT. We taxied out with lightning flickering in the hills to the south and departed before it reached the airport. It transpires it was an occluded front with embedded CBs and there was no way around it, so we went through it at FL075 and tightened our belts, turned up the panel lights, adjusted to VA and flew attitude (read Robert N. Buck Weather Flying). It was odd seeing snow in May(!) but it did not matter as the screen iced up rapidly and we were unable to see anything! Down we came to warmer air and at FL055 the ice melted, the sky brightened and we had a smooth journey back to Fowlmere. Don't mess with CBs in a light aircraft. If you have an escape route, injected engine and plenty of real instrument time it is not unreasonable to attempt to weave around the worst of them, however, be aware that flying into or near them is potentially hazardous to your health!

GKEMI carried me through my examiners revalidation and then let me down by failing to start for my return home. Luckily a friendly engineer 'propped' her. Again, this can be quite hazardous to your health. Please never touch/turn any prop by hand! It is not uncommon to find mags left on in our aircraft!

GJACS has had her engine removed due to a 'crack' in the cranckase. Very boring but better to find and fix now. This is what 'routine' maintenance is all about.

Luckily GDIXY is in fine form and keeping our members flying!

Club outings:

As soon as GJACS is fixed we will arrange a 'Midden Zeeland for Lunch'. If you are interested please contact:

On Final:

Christine is away 'horse whispering' at Stonleigh. Apparently her horse box is stuck in the mud and the horse is not listening to her whispers...

Happy landings


PS: GBONC is for sale and I have a couple of interested members at 8k for a 5th share. It would be great to keep her at EGMA. Please let me know if you are interested.