Aileron October 2015

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Club News
Plenty of 'epic' trips by club members this season with tours across France, Germany, Spain and even Ibiza being accomplished recently not to mention Roy Bowron getting to West Coast of Scotland and John Benson getting to Cumbernauld. What's so special? Well accomplishing this in September!

GJPOT Snapper Jul15 sm

Mark Furman and Andrew Sherratt gave G-JPOT some 'exercise'.

New club members Inaki and Ed managed Pamplona and Ireland respectively. Inaki had a Dinard trip as well with several members getting to Le Touquet and Jacqui and Jennifer went somewhere to....!

I'm grateful to Alan Ellis giving me Fowlmere>Nantes>Pontoise>Le Touquet>Fowlmere as a 'mission'. Yep, all in one day!

Thanks also to Tracey Curtis-Taylor for inviting me to Farnborough and then to Merville and Charleville as 'chase plane'. I even met Diana Rigg at the reception and she kindly introduced me to other guests as 'Dick', which 'stuck'. I also got lumbered with Tracey's dirty washing to bring home as there was no room in the Boeing Stearman.

We have one new Portakabin arriving shortly and hopefully another one later to replace our ageing accommodation and make 'Modern Air' look a bit more 'Modern'; so thanks to my landlords Sheldrick Farming Ltd for this.

Annual membership subscriptions fall due 31 October and I propose keeping cost at 120 inclusive for the year. The new aircrew cards have just arrived with all the fabulous benefits(!) associated with them...!

Fleet news
G-KEMI has finally had the KCS-55A Slaved Compass System fitted to match G-DIXY and G-JACS and also a GNS530 to meet the 8.33khz requirement. I am hoping to upgrade G-DIXY and G-JACS this winter.

KEMI panel Oct15 sm1

G-JACS has had a new gas strut fitted to pilot's seat (Jacqui was bouncing up and down on it as part of her training for her epic bike ride). We also completed the repair of G-RIGH recently and she now looks much better. We have fitted LED landing lights to G-DIXY and I am very impressed but at 170 each the remaining fleet will only get done as their original bulbs 'fail'.

Kevin and Martin have done a great job keeping the fleet serviceable this season with several quite challenging feats being accomplished especially with regard to G-RIGH's rebuild. We passed our CAA Audit earlier with 'Nil' findings which is the second time we have achieved this in two years with different auditors checking our engineering standard.

Instructor notes
I attended an examiners seminar at Shoreham and have recently passed my 3 year 'competence check' which I know some of you will find remarkable - I certainly did!

Unfortunately, some members have managed a couple of infringements (both Stansted Class D) and the infringers have had to sit the new CAA multiple choice exams. Ugh! It's worth 'not' infringing to avoid having to sit these! The top tip here is to get at least a 'Basic' Service from Farnborough rather than just listening out.

On Final:
We will need to start hangaring the aircraft shortly. Please ask if you are unsure about hangar doors, towing tractors etc. As always we strive to have aircraft out fuelled and ready but you may be asked to put them away.

Happy flying