Aileron Spring09

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Recent flying:

A 'Sticky' couple of months behind us with snow/freezing fog or just low cloud and rain greeting us - some good weather in between enabling John Todd and Tony Meaker to get a 'Le Touquet for lunch' in - first one of the year!

Bill Manley introduced himself as 'Doris' to Jim Batey and then went off flying together yesterday. Jim is keen to do some serious touring again with our French friends this summer – A trip to the Greek islands has been suggested. If anyone is interested in joining such a group outing please contact Jim

Malcolm Bird has just completed a self-fly tour of New Zealand enjoying 23 hours in C172 with Roger Graham is currently off doing a similar trip with the same company. I am sure we will soon get a write up for our website.

Club shop:

New SE charts are available now and also 2009 Flight Guides. The Modern Air polo shirts are also in stock. Just collect and pay in the office.

New ATC Services:

The new ATC services for use outside regulated airspace came into force last week; essentially Flight Information has been replaced by Basic Service, Radar Information has been replaced by Traffic Service and Radar Advisory has been replaced by Deconfliction Service an additional service Procedural Service has been introduced but remains for the use of IFR traffic to assist their separation from VFR traffic where a radar service is not available.

Please review the DVD that all pilots have been sent by the CAA as there are subtle changes - just remember ultimately the responsibility remains with the pilot to maintain collision avoidance with traffic/terrain as always.

Aircraft maintenance:

We have been issuing our first ARC(Airworthiness Review Certificates) using our recently(last April) EASA part M subpart F qualification this is why you may have noticed increased aircraft activity at Fowlmere - we were one of the first organisations to be approved and it is generating additional business for our engineering department.

Membership growth:

I would like to welcome our new members including 8 from the Duxford Archer groups, some of whom completed their initial training here so nice to welcome them all back.

Remember – keep us up to date with your email address so that we and other members can contact you by this means. (Send your email address to to get on the ModAir alias list) We have over 60 of us linked with modair email aliases now so if you want to try contacting a member will probably work!

Club outing:

Christine has a 'Le Touquet for lunch' trip in mind. Friday April 24th is currently planned. Please let her know if you can come along. We hope to arrange more of these this year. Please let Christine ( know of your interest in such trips.

On Final:

I got married recently to Julia and we will be living in Abington which will make life a lot easier and enable me to be available at weekends for check-rides etc.

Avgas has reduced in price and you will notice our rental rates reducing accordingly. Check our website for latest pricing.