Aileron Spring 2012

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

EASA Licences
Many of you are asking "should I get my licence changed to an EASA version?". The answer now is usually ‘yes’. If you have a JAA Licence you need do nothing, the transfer will be automatic at your next JAA Licence renewal. If, however, your licence was issued prior to 1999 then you will need to apply for EASA licence now to enable continued flight in our (any) EASA aircraft. If you only fly Tiger Moths and or non EASA aircraft you need do nothing!

Olympic restrictions
I am also being asked about Olympic Airspace Restrictions. These will affect us from the 14th JuIy to 15th August inclusive. I am still awaiting confirmation and details of our (and Duxford’s) exemption which should allow us to depart and arrive to the North. The latest charts (in stock) include a separate chart showing the restricted area. The restrictions include creation of temporary Class D airspace at Southend and Manston although of course it should be possible to gain crossing clearance.

Our exemption should allow us to perform locally without having to file flight plans (otherwise min 2hrs notice only via AFPEX, no deviations more than 2nm from route etc. etc.) so I also recommend everyone applies now for AFPEX account, just in case, and in any event for future personal use. It is free, has been recently simplified, e.g. no longer necessary to ‘address’ French aerodromes individually and handy to have access to AFTN as I am being told fax facility will be withdrawn!

All this administration, licence, Olympics, AFPEX takes time and effort but to enable everyone to continue to enjoy flying I recommend actioning the licence and AFPEX issue NOW! There will be a stampede soon and the earlier you apply the faster your receipt of these relevant bits will be!

IMC Rating
I know I have not mentioned the IMC Rating situation... that is due to it still being debated. It seems highly likely that anyone with a current IMC on 12th April will be granted ‘grandfather’ privileges although I understand there is considerable disagreement from our ‘Cousins’ across the Channel as to how to implement this. In any event I have been very busy lately and many of you have been showing me your own interpretation of the procedural ILS at Cambridge. Annabel Graham recently asked whether there were any good shops in Cambridge whilst tracking beacon outbound in real ‘poo’. So cool.... and John Earl commented how nice that everything on board was working but did not believe me when I said I had a ‘turbulence knob’ - as I reached for it, sure enough, we started bouncing around. He was gobsmacked!

On Final:
I feel a Le Touquet for lunch coming on-keep an eye on the reception notice board. Lets see if we can get a couple of trips in the bag before the restrictions!

Happy Landings!  Derick