Aileron Summer10

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Our flying season to-date:
The Duxford Airshow weekend proved popular with 40 visiting aircraft camping on the Aerodrome-we were kept quite busy refuelling etc. and suffered badly when NATS AFPEX failed. This was due to an earlier update and I know many members have also suffered due to the ‘corruption of JAVA version 20 upgrade'. I was disappointed when Swanwick refused to accept faxed plans on the Saturday leaving me having to liaise with Cambridge ops who were great. Sunday was better with faxed plans being accepted. I have complained to NATS but not yet received a response - watch this space!

Roger Graham won the Malta Air Rally in GRIGH - this is quite an achievement as it is taken very seriously. I remember doing the Rally in 1986 with Nick Scarr in GVIKE and thought we had done well... but one German entrant flew to USA and back to ensure he won 'longest distance flown' prize! So well done Roger!

Regarding the fleet:
GJACS is back in operation after another 'excursion' into the crop. No injuries but another timely reminder, if the landing is not going as expected and this includes the approach phase, please just go-around and have another go. GJACS needed a shock load and new prop which with other minor damage came to just over 13k. The insurers cover most of this but not the excess (750) and not any 'betterment' contribution or loss of earnings - several thousand pounds in this case!

GBONC still has two shares available - please let me know your interest.

GBSII (PA34-200T) became available and was snapped up by Roy Burt within just a few days. Unfortunately the engines, although very low hours, are 'calendar time expired' ie 12years+ so the aircraft will not be available for rental. This aircraft has had a very nice Garmin GNS530/430 upgrade.

GRIGH now has a G600 installation.

Have a look in the hangar at 'the future' with Vic Flintham's Sportcruiser GSCVF (aka PiperSport) and ‘the past’ with Dave Gilmour's (Pink Floyd) beautiful Piper Cub, one of the last made.

Welcome to our new members and owners. Another pretty TB20 (Colton Aerospray) in 'Harrod's Green' - I wonder where these boys got their paint from?

Everything looks nice in the hangar (especially since Jim polished GCERT!) although the 'BONC' boys have got some catching up to do - mind you, if you look at Royce's car, the aircraft has no chance!

On Final:
Please check your medical and licence expiry dates!

Happy landings, Derick