Aileron Winter08

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Christmas bash:

32 Members and their guests made it to the Christmas party. Thank you for coming! Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and it was good to catch up. I was intrigued by Martin Thorpe bringing not one but two girlfriends along (this is why I dragged three along!). A couple of new friendships were made, although I am not sure how sensible swapping wives and girlfriends with other club members really is...

Quite a few people were disappointed John Turner could not make it. I had to explain he actually was present and Laurie was heard 'boring' guests with his WWII fighter ace experiences (Yawn). Laurie we all know how old you really are and you would have only been 17 then.....!

Recent flying:

A few brave souls took to the skies over the Christmas holidays. As usual there were some excellent flying days if you looked hard and took care with the cold. Remember, our fleet is usually tucked up the hangar overnight making the pre-flight checks a lot more acceptable.

By the way - the hangar doors are about to be 'fixed' to make them run more smoothly which should be a help to us all!

Stuart Paul now holds the record for the shortest recorded flight (under 5mins). Apparently he took off and landed back on the runway and was seen running to the toilet afterwards?


G-KEMI’s new Garmin is causing consternation with some club members. Unfortunately, it requires an 'acknowledgement' after being turned on and checking itself. Simply press the 'crsr' button twice and it behaves itself!

Personal Locator Beacons:

All our self-fly hire aircraft now have PLB units on board. Please take a moment to locate them and see how they work. The old 121.5 satellite monitoring service will be switched off soon so this new improved service is what we will be relying on. The PLBs we have are all GPS equipped transmitting their location to the emergency services so they will know where you are to within a few metres should you have to call upon them.

Membership growth:

I have welcomed several (six so far) members from the disbanded Duxford Archer groups (both G-BZHK and G-BWUH have been sold). A couple of previous students have also joined our merry throng. Welcome to you all. Remember – keep us up to date with your email addresses so that we and other members can contact you by this means. We have over 60 of us linked with modair email aliases now so if you want to try contacting a member will probably work!

Club outing?

I feel a 'Le Touquet for lunch' coming soon. Probably a Friday towards the end of February or in early March to beat away those winter blues and the credit crunchitis. Please let your interest be known to Christine ( and she will check her list and if you are on it.....well how lucky are you!

On Final:

The aircraft are all due for a clean (I bet no-one notices I polish the spinners!) and avgas is coming down at last making it possible to reduce prices by a few pounds. See aircraft page for latest pricing.

Please check your licence for validity along with your medical and come fly soon! All the best, Derick