Aileron Winter10

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Recent activities:

I thought the Christmas Party was a success with quite a few new faces, excellent food and wine. Thank you all for coming.

The last few weeks have been a little difficult with snow and freezing fog, nevertheless some flights have been achieved and the runway remains 'open' between breaks in the weather. Rudy and Kevin have been working hard in difficult conditions but are abreast of our maintenance schedule and all aircraft remain fully serviceable.

Fleet News

I am working towards fitting a slaved compass system to GKEMI to bring her up to standard and make all three Archers almost identical. GJACS and GKEMI recently had their leather interiors refurbished and GDIXY will be done soon. This is quite expensive but maintains the condition and appearance of our fleet. GDIXY has had her glideslope fault repaired and all aircraft are carrying 'Nil' defects as I write this. I intend updating all GPS databases in new year ready for the new season.

We had a good year in 2010 and have welcomed a number of new members. I intend simply doing the same next year but with more organised trips. I remain convinced that the Archer III fulfils the requirements of most of our clients with proven capability in both VFR and IFR roles and that the aerodrome provides a safe and accessible environment from which to perform the missions most people require.

I find it quite tedious having to don hi-vis jackets etc at some aerodromes and feel the security measures imposed are unnecessarily onerous. It really is quite nice to simply park your car, walk a few paces and fly! I personally feel that if a terrorist wants to commit an atrocity he will hardly bother to complete a GAR or flight plan! I have rescinded our aerodrome AFPEX as it imposed unrealistic burdens upon our kind of operation and also disadvantaged my clients who were told on numerous occasions that, as 'their' base aerodrome had AFPEX, faxed flight plans were not acceptable! This situation has now been reversed. However, I retain a personal AFPEX and am happy to assist with flight plans on request. It is sensible to acquire your own AFPEX as in the long term it appears we will all need one!

On Final:

Winter ops now prevail-please ensure you return the aircraft to the hangar and lock up, just like having your own aircraft! If you need assistance of any type call me 07831 115658.

Best Wishes for Xmas and New Year.