Aileron Winter 2013

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Club News
It has been an eventful year with record aircraft rental hours and several epic missions achieved by club members. ‘Missions’ have included Southern France, Germany and the Arctic Circle, all achieved safely.

Rudy retired recently and I know many of you will wish him well. He will still be popping in from time to time but will not be here on a daily basis.

Kevin Gilbert is now Chief Engineer and is assisted by Martin Cavinder who brings several decades experience. We were recently audited by the CAA and received a ‘Nil’ findings report for all 3 segments of our engineering approvals. I am very proud to have achieved this and very grateful to Kevin, Martin, Laurie and Christine for their efforts.

We have had several quite major engineering projects ongoing. These include fitting two new engines to N559C, one new engine to N95D, a 1000hr inspection on GGURN, restoration of GOWET (which flew for the first time in several years recently) and restoration of N424XC which came to us from Turkey. All of these achieved whilst maintaining our own fleet aircraft.

The hangar side entrance door has been replaced with same lock code except no ‘Z’. It also requires ‘F’ to be depressed to either keep it ‘unlocked’ or to ‘lock’ the door. Please ask if you need help! The hangar ‘plates’ have been removed and the concrete ‘lip’ chamfered to facilitate aircraft removal. Now that winter is upon us please help us maintain security of our aircraft. They should be ‘hangared’ unless agreed after use. If you need help opening the doors or simply moving aircraft please call me 07831 115658. Please do NOT apply handbrake in the hangar and if you do have to leave an aircraft outside secure the control column with seat belt, put handbrake ‘on’ and ensure storm window and cabin top latch are secured. Both DIXY and JACS suffered top latches being left loose in torrential rain and the water damage is unsightly and expensive to rectify.

Licensing issues
The IMC reprieve means there is no panic to renew expired rating until 2019!
Please check your licence validity. I am still finding members with expired licence or expired class ratings. My tip is to apply this winter for your EASA Licence as the ‘deadline’ is approaching fast for pilots wishing to continue flying EASA aircraft. The CAA website has the forms and I can validate your medical and cert of experience (FOC for club members).

Instructor notes
A client appeared a little confused recently when I suggested setting 65% and leaning for Best Economy in GKEMI. I realise not everyone wants to digest entire handbooks but it is well worth a review of basic power settings: 65% in an Archer III = 2405 RPM / 113KT AS / 9.5 USG/hr (36 Litres/hr) at Sea Level on a ‘standard’ day. Actually @ 8000ft it is 2495 RPM / 117KT AS / 9.5 USG/hr so not much difference. These figures are from handbook Section 5. These are the power settings I recommend you use for cruise for all our Archer III aircraft and will give you 472 nm range (in still air) and 45mins reserve fuel (see example page 5-27 section 5 POH) provided you cruise at 6000ft and the aircraft and pilot are in good condition(!) If you cruise at a more ‘typical’ 3000ft amsl you get 480nm range. This is because the graph allows for climb and descent. Obviously, you burn more fuel getting to 6000ft than 3000ft so worth having a look!

Did you know?

  • If you have to use standby vac system compass error may exceed 10degrees.
  • Engine RPM should be kept below 2700RPM during an ILS otherwise propeller modulation interference may occur.
  • With a ‘vertical speed’ rate set on our KAP140 auto-pilot’s there will be approx 10% overshoot of altitude when ‘Alt’ is pressed but that aircraft should regain altitude.

All this is in POH for Archer 111 which each aircraft has on board so please have a look.

On Final:
During the Xmas break you are welcome to fly. All I ask is that you return aircraft to the hangar and lock up. If I know in advance I will attempt to have aircraft out and fuelled. I will be popping in to refuel.

Best Wishes for Xmas and New Year

Derick, Christine, Kevin, Laurie and Martin