Aileron Winter 2015

A collection of updates from Derick Gunning:

Club News
A busy season with several advances including G-KEMI's avionics upgrade including the installation of a GNS530 and HSI, a new Portakabin for the engineering department and most recently news that we may be able to continue to 'perform' without becoming an 'ATO' due to intense negotiations between CAA GA Section and EASA.

Fleet News
Fleet news includes the possibility of G-RIGH becoming available for rental in the New Year(probably March onwards). This would add a comprehensively equipped PA32R which has been with us since new in Roger Graham's ownership.

G-BVWZ is just about to have a new interior and Garmin avionics upgrade which will make her 'IFR' compliant.

G-JPOT is now for sale for 85,000.00(no vat) and a possible 50% share option if aircraft remains on fleet here is available. Please ask if this appeals to anyone as she is a great aircraft which has excellent maintenance history,known provenance and an existing client base generating around 70hrs p.a of rental income which makes a useful contribution to fixed costs. She is one of the fastest PA32Rs I have flown(CAA approved Lopresti Speed Mods) and it would be great to keep her here at Fowlmere. She is only for sale due to owner purchasing G-RIGH and with 690hrs on 'Norvic' overhauled engine and 370hrs on factory new prop the price is, in my opinion, very competitive when comparing with other aircraft for sale and the fact she has a 'fresh' annual.

I applied for an EASA Grant in September to upgrade avionics in G-DIXY and G-JACS but it takes a long time to receive anything from EASA and I expect another couple of months before I find out the response.

On Final
We are in 'Winter' flying mode now which essentially means we need aircraft to be hangared after use. If you need help please ask, otherwise please put aircraft away. We work hard to ensure they are fuelled, ready and 'out' if we know you want one!

Please use minimum throttle opening for starting, especially with a 'cold' engine as this is when most wear occurs. You hopefully would not 'rev' any cold engine would you?!

Use minimum braking during taxy. Remember, we do not charge for taxying and it saves the grass.Use short field technique for wet/soft grass; 65kts on approach is ample for the Archer and will save braking/skidding and keep you out of the solar farm(!)

If anyone wants to know how to use any of the tractors please ask. They are kept charged and ready specifically for owners and rental clients to use to save pulling aircraft in and out.
Thank you to all that came to Mulled Wine and Nibbles. Christine 'lost' a small earring but is uncertain whether it went into a sausage roll or mince pie…

Please remember we never effectively 'close', so you can fly during holidays. Just check the booking book first or call me.

Best Wishes for Xmas and New Year.