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ModAir_floor_mats_sm_02Welcome to the well maintained aircraft on Modern Air’s rental fleet. We offer a range of simple and complex types but all Piper aircraft in which we have a high confidence and maintain onsite. We take real pride in our aircraft which are kept clean and very well presented.

Unless otherwise stated these aircraft have a high quality avionics fit including full airways IFR capability and GPS.

The charges shown are self-fly rental charges for rentals from 1st January 2017 and are wet, airborne time rates. These charges are subject to change, please check charges with club before flying. VAT at 20%


  G-JACS* - PA28-181 Archer III (1997 model)

 165/hr airborne (198 incl VAT)


  G-DIXY* - PA28-181 Archer III (1998 model)

 165/hr airborne (198 incl VAT)


G-KEMI_vsm_  G-KEMI - PA28-181 Archer III (1998 model)

 165/hr airborne (198 incl VAT)


Note: Archer III POH Summary Information is available here for information.

G-BVWZ (cvs)  G-BVWZ - PA32-301 (fixed gear) Saratoga

 245/hr airborne (294 incl VAT)


KEMI_Interior_sm_All aircraft are charged airborne time only.

All aircraft subject to availability and Modern Air terms and conditions of rental.

All hirers require a check ride prior to self-fly rental.

All aircraft have a damage excess of 750
(1,500 twins)

Fuel uplifted away from Fowlmere reimbursed up to the value of our prevailing rate, upon receipt of invoice.

Strict noise abatement procedures exist at Fowlmere with mandatory compliance from all pilots.

* Note KLN89B not suitable as Primary Navigation Aid as database is not continuously updated. From Jan 2014 these aircraft are not Annex 10 Compliant for IFR flight into Class A,B or C airspace as it does not currently have 8.33kHz capability.