Recommended minimum cruise altitude: 1900 QNH

* Initially direct to BPK then DVR, take care passing Stansted CTA and Stapleford ATZ.
* Farnborough LARS North can provide either a Basic or Traffic Service.
* Manston Radar can also provide LARS (at time of writing this).
Call Lille Info before crossing FIR (Mid Channel) and thereafter Paris Info can provide Flight Info and status of R53A (Low level military fast jet corridor just south of Abbeville) 800 to 2000 AGL - keep outside this if ‘active’!
* You may penetrate Class E airspace in France, however I recommend contacting Rouen and Deauville if you find yourself (above 3500 QNH) inside either.
* In any event, contact Deauville Approach prior to entering their Class ‘D’ and let them know you are VFR and routing via ‘EG’ or ‘NG’ depending upon your choice of track.
* Good alternates include Lydd, Shoreham, Le Touquet, Le Havre, Cambridge and Southend.

Take a taxi to Honfleur and there are many gastronomic delights around the inner harbour including L’Hippodrome Restaurant.

Remember: before leaving the airport for lunch it is best to file your return flight plan if not already done and ensure you call FIS to make certain it is accepted. Your IMC rating is not valid in France, however, if you have this rating you may legally fly above cloud, out of sight of surface ‘VFR’ - something you cannot do if you do not have an IR or UK IMC rating!

You are unlikely to require refuelling at Deauville so simply park where instructed.

As with all ‘trips’ across the Channel please ensure you and your pax are briefed on use of safety equipment, wear life vests for the crossing and know how to inflate the life-raft and NOT to inflate raft or vests inside the aircraft! All our rental aircraft have PLBs, handheld VHF Radios and the Archers have ‘aux vacuum’ pumps as well. The aircraft document briefcases each have either ‘Freedom to circulate’ certificates or VAT Proof of payment. French customs will generally accept these documents immediately and send you on your way. It is not uncommon for them to be checked at Deauville.

Please note the ‘P33’, ’P32’, and ‘P27’ Power Stations near the route. You can be ‘fined’ for flying over them below their designated altitudes.

The trip usually takes just over 2hrs in PA28. Remember to ‘Lean’ your engine for ‘Best Power’. Please ask if you are unsure of leaning procedure as it is necessary on these longer missions but incorrectly done, can damage an engine.

Some useful frequencies (but do check for currency):

Farnborough RDR 132.80
Stapleford RDO 122.80
Manston RDR 132.45
Lille INF 120.275
Le Touquet TWR 118.450 ATIS 123.125
Paris INF 126.100
Rouen APP 118.570
Deauville APP 120.35 TWR 118.300
Lydd APP 120.700 ATIS 129.225
Essex RDR 120.625
North Weald RDO 123.525
Andrewsfield RDO 130.550.

And if in doubt: Derick's Mobile +44 7831 115658