G-BVWZ (cs640)

This 1989 PA32-301 (Fixed Gear) joined the rental fleet in 2015 and has recently been upgraded with Garmin GTN750 GPS/Nav/Com and KN64 DME which effectively makes the aircraft 'IFR Compliant'. With slaved HSI, Stormscope, Standby Vacuum System the aircraft makes an effective touring platform especially as she now has a new 'Custom' Interior. The entire interior has been refurbished to a high standard. This aircraft has one of Lycoming's best engines and a proven airframe derived from the Cherokee Six. Factory fitted auto-pilot completes the spec although there is a possibility of the airconditioning system being re-activated...

G-BVWZ panel (m)

In early 2015 we performed an extensive annual rectifying several issues including refurbishment and refitting of wheel spats which in my opinion is an absolute 'must' for any Piper 'Fixed Gear' apart from aesthetically it ensures you have a fair chance of achieving 'book' performance.

Transition onto this aircraft from PA28 series really involves engine management & speed control, prop management (Constant speed unit) and being aware of loading parameters. No undercarriage issues to worry about! Being 1989 model electric flaps prevail (personally I prefer the manual type!) but gives the aircraft a 'big' aircraft feel!

Expect to achieve approx 130KTS cruise but slightly better payload than retractable version. As usual this aircraft is equipped with Vests/Liferaft PLB, handheld VHF and properly documented including 'Freedom to Circulate' letter from HMRC.

Note: Some POH Summary Information is available here for information.

G-BVWZ cabin

For those who wish to get to grips with the GTN750 use the trainer downloaded from Garmin here: GTN/GDU 620 PC Trainer . It’s quite good, you can re-centre it’s home to Fowlmere so can use local station etc.