G-DIXY PA28-181 ARCHER III 1998 Model.
Our third 'new' Piper aircraft, originally purchased by Sophie Dixon-Smith after completing her PPL at Fowlmere. DIXY was ferried across the Atlantic from the Piper factory at the end of November 1998 having had a 100usg ferry tank installed in Maine. She arrived at Fowlmere Christmas Eve 1998 having had her registration changed from N41284 to GDIXY. DIXY has recently(2009) had a new engine fitted (her original achieving 2400hrs(!)) and is fitted with King Avionics including a slaved compass system(HSI) and a KAP140 two axis auto-pilot with coupler to the KLN89B.
Note: The KLN89B fitted is not suitable as Primary Navigation Aid as the database is not continuously updated. Also, from Jan 2014 this aircraft is not Annex 10 Compliant for IFR flight into Class A,B or C airspace as it does not currently have 8.33kHz capability.