Our first 'new' Piper aircraft. Purchased March 1997 by Jacquie Kier shortly after completing her PPL at Fowlmere. Ferried across the Atlantic during April 1997 with a 100usg ferry tank installed, G-JACS (registered N9287J at that time) arrived in Bournemouth after exactly 35hrs flight time from Vero Beach. One leg recorded as lasting 14.2hrs(!).

GJACS differs slightly from GDIXY and GKEMI in that she is fitted with an S-TEC55 two axis auto-pilot and has separate switches for auto-pilot and electric trim on co-pilot's side, an annoying feature which was insisted on by the CAA and subsequently 'dropped' when it was pointed out that these 'new' aircraft had 'pullable' circuit breakers! GJACS also has slaved compass system(HSI) and like all our Archers, Nav coupler from KLN89B GPS, Dual altimeters, Mode 'S', 4-seat intercom,standby vacuum, vent fan, leather interior, life raft, 4 life vests, PLB, Handheld VHF with headset adapter, 2 headsets and a briefcase containing all documents necessary for 'foreign' flights including an 'freedom to circulate' Customs authorisation.

GJACS is quite distinctive in her 'Solar Yellow' paint scheme (repainted 2004 by Colton Aero-Spray) and has recently had a 'new' engine (actually GDIXY's overhauled by Norvic). An aircraft like GJACS could be purchased for approx 75k and provide a useful contribution towards operating costs and significant tax benefits to qualifying business owners when managed by us on a 'lease-back' scheme-please ask for details.
G-JACS panel (sm)
Note: The KLN89B fitted is not suitable as Primary Navigation Aid as the database is not continuously updated. Also, from Jan 2014 this aircraft is not Annex 10 Compliant for IFR flight into Class A,B or C airspace as it does not currently have 8.33kHz capability.