3-bladed propeller. King Silver Crown avionics plus GNS430 nav/com and GTX330 Mode S transponder, 6-seat intercom, leather, club seating.

The 300 bhp engine fitted to these aircraft is one of the best in the business, coupled with the proven Cherokee Six derived airframe you have one of the best light singles available. Although not benefiting from any ice protection this aircraft is capable of achieving most missions that a PPL/IMC rated pilot would want to perform. On a typical Fowlmere to Guernsey flight this aircraft will be taking only five minutes longer than a twin-engine Seneca.

For solo self-fly rental we require a minimum of 5 hours retractable experience on a Piper variant e.g. Arrow, Lance or similar and a check ride. We will require a weight and balance calculation and for you to be able to demonstrate familiarity with the Pilot’s Operating Handbook.

A couple of operating tips for these aircraft include; load the aircraft from the rear. It has quite a forward C of G and is heavy in pitch, resist the temptation of retracting the gear too soon after takeoff, it is not a twin. For normal takeoff don’t use flaps unless you are limited by field length or weight.