G-KEMI PA28-181 Archer III 1998 Model. SN2843180

Purchased new by Jennifer Kempster shortly after completing her PPL at Fowlmere. KEMI was flown across the Atlantic during October 1998 and delivered to Fowlmere 5th November 1998 having changed her factory registration from N41493 to G-KEMI.

This aircraft is really a 'sister ship' to G-DIXY being 15 aircraft 'newer'. G-KEMI was upgraded in 2015 with the installation of a KCS-55A Slaved Compass System incorporating KI-525A HSI and Garmin GNS530 to compliment the King Avionics package with a 'coupler' to the KAP140 Auto-Pilot. G-KEMI also sports a Garmin GTX 328 Mode 'S' Transponder, Electric Trim, Dual Altimeters, Standby Vacuum System, 4 Seat Intercom, Ground Ventilation Fan, Leather Interior, 4 Life Vests, Liferaft, PLB, Handheld VHF with headset adapter, two headsets and full documentation enabling 'foreign' flights.

An aircraft similar to G-KEMI could be purchased for approx 80k and provide a useful contribution towards operating costs and tax benefits to qualifying business users when managed on our rental scheme-please ask for details.

KEMI panel Oct15 sm1

Note: This aircraft is now Annex 10 Compliant for IFR flight into Class A, B or C airspace as it
has 8.33kHz capability.