Le Touquet


Recommended route: DCT BPK DCT LAM DCT DVR DCT

Recommended minimum cruise altitude: 1500-2400QNH

This routeing is only a suggested route and Pilots are reminded of their own responsibility to plan a route which they are satisfied remains clear of regulated airspace and danger areas, enables them to remain within their licence priviliges and above terrain/obstructions.

* The MEF for the routeing above is generally 1000 amsl apart from the Dover graticule which is 1300amsl due to a mast SW of DVR VOR by approx 5nm-1245amsl.

* There are several other masts within 5nm either side of this route, however, a cruising altitude of at least 1500QNH provides a minimum 500ft clearance except within the DVR graticule, where 1800QNH is necessary unless you have the mast ‘sighted’ and can remain compliant, and the GVS sites(3500QNH) near Sheerness which should not be directly overflown and are on ‘direct track’.

* It is ‘safe practice’ to fly at a level which provides clearance above terrain and obstacles by at least 500feet VFR and in any event at an altitude commensurate with providing a safe margin for any unexpected issues. When possible I would recommend cruising at 2400 QNH and climbing to 3000 QNH for the Channel Crossing.

* Please aquire at least a ‘Basic Service’ from Farnborough Radar, contact Stapleford if your transit of their ATZ will infringe (below 2185 QNH), Manston Radar (again at least a ‘Basic Service’), Lille Information prior to LFFF (the French FIR) and finally Le Touquet TWR having acquired their ATIS. ‘Le Touquet Tower this is G-DIXY PA28 with information ECHO’ is an example of your first call.

* Upon arrival please file your return flight plan by fax or Olivia. Remember in France you must call the flight planning office at Lille to confirm your plan is accepted before departing.

The return recommended route is simply the reverse of the outbound. Please take care not to infringe Stansted, it is very close between LAM and BPK for example. Weather alternates include Lydd, Cambridge and exceptionally Southend and Calais. Please ensure you have a flight guide which includes these alternates.

Please remember to lean your engine for cruise, ensure your pax are briefed and know where and how to use life vests,raft and PLBs. Remember our PA28 aircraft have standby vacuum and hand held VHF Radios for your added safety.

If you are one of our ‘organised’ trips we pay the landing fees. We also pay the taxi fares. We do however retain the fuel drawback for all participating aircraft. We normally arrange lunch for everyone (often Perard’s) and simply split the total bill back at base. There is nothing worse after a meal than attempting to amortise the bill between a dozen or so people at the table!

These trips are designed to broaden your experience with the added benefit of a couple of experienced pilots available, a bit like ‘Flotilla’ sailing!

Some useful frequencies but do check for currency:

Farnborough RDR 132.80
Stapleford RDO 122.80
Southend App 130.775
Manston RDR 132.45
Lille INF 120.275
Le Touquet TWR 118.450 ATIS 123.125
Lydd APP 120.700 ATIS 129.225
Essex RDR 120.625
North Weald RDO 123.525
Andrewsfield RDO 130.550.

And if in doubt: Derick's Mobile +44 7831 115658