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Modern fleet for variety of flights

Aircraft fleet

Modern equipment

Excellent condition

Good variety

Short and long flights

Our fleet is set to be kept to a modern standard and with all working and useful equipment. Choose from a range of aircraft for different types of flights or trainings, rest assured all is safe and sound.
All prices are worked to provide best economic balance.

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Cessna 152

Well-known basic aircraft

G-CEZM is a Cessna 152 that arrived with Modern Air in March 2018 in almost new condition with zero engine and prop hours, alt, pumps etc., and a new paint scheme.
One of the best equipped C152 currently in UK, fully certified for all type of basic flying, including night.

£160 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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Cessna 140

Classic Taildragger from 1946

Originally dated 1946 classic aircraft, after recent detailed overhaul is a proud vintage machine at Modern Air. Excellent flying capabilities, good construction, tailwheel makes it a perfect airframe for conversion or bush flying.

£170 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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Grob 115 B

Great for PPL/LAPL training

Basic trainer aircraft providing excellent flying capabilities and ease of use. Students appreciate flying it, which makes it great for basic training or recreational flights.
This can be used for both recreational flights, joy rides, basic training or FI courses.

£170 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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Piper PA-28-181 Archer III

Fully equipped for IFR

Recently upgraded avionics now includes a Garmin GN650 Nav/Com/GPS along with a second 8.33 radio in the form of an KN165A.
G-JACS is fitted with an S-TEC55 two axis auto-pilot and has separate switches for auto-pilot and electric trim on co-pilot's side.
The aircraft also has a slaved compass system (HSI) and like most Archers, nav coupler from GPS, dual altimeters, mode S transponder, 4-seat intercom, standby vacuum, vent fan, leather interior, life raft, 4 life vests, PLB, Handheld VHF with headset adapter and 2 headsets.

£200 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee; £245 for instrument flying

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Grob 115 D2

Ideal for UPRT & Aerobatics

Most recent addition to fleet – aerobatic version of Grob 115 aircraft, based on a RAF version. Perfect aircraft to fly, very manoeuvrable and very powerful, makes it great for many types of solutions.
Great choice for very stable flight and, at the same time, excellent capabilities for UPRT or spinning recovery courses.

£210 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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Cessna 177RG

Complex aircraft for CPL

An ideal aircraft for CPL or complex training as well as long flights. Thanks to retractable gear and variable propeller it will challenge the students initially, but will give much benefits later on. Not mentioning the Autopilot for longer flights.

£220 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee; £265 for instrument flying

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Piper PA-32 Saratoga

Fixed-gear version that flies beautifully

Upgraded with Garmin GTN750 GPS/Nav/Com and KN64 DME which effectively makes the aircraft 'IFR Compliant'. With Slaved HSI, Stormscope, Standby Vacuum System and factory fitted Auto-pilot and Air Conditioning fitted, the aircraft makes an effective touring platform. She now has a new 'Custom' Interior, refurbished to a high standard.
This aircraft has one of Lycoming's best engines and a proven airframe derived from the Cherokee Six. Expect to achieve approx 130KTS cruise but slightly better payload than retractable version.

£240 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee; £265/hr dual training

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Fairchild Argus

Real old-timer from 1934

Classic old-timer in a tailwheel configuration. This aircraft has flown to Alexandria during II World War, having very rich history of flights. Original, distinctive markings from RAF and robust construction makes it great for joy-rides. Despite old age, handles perfectly in the air.

£240 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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Extra EA-200

Perfect choice for Aerobatics

Despite having a smaller engine than the EA-300, this is a great aircraft and probably the best trainer in the world. We don’t even need to use full throttle. It is smaller and lighter than the 300 and is fully capable of flying to Advanced competition level. It has a rate of roll of 360 degrees per second and VNE of 212 knots and is certified for + or – 10G We are happy for our students to hire the aircraft for Aerobatic competitions.

£300 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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Genevation GenPro

Game-changer in aerobatic worlds

An aerobatic aircraft for those who are not satisfied with “good enough”. Utilises the most modern materials and latest design to give you an unfair advantage.
Very sophisticated aerodynamics deliver unbelievable snap roll performance and a stalling speed of just 44 knots. The aircraft is bigger than the 330SC and presents very well to the judges.

Read more here.

£390 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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Extra EA-300

Stronger aircraft for more challenges

One of the most popular aerobatic aircraft – powerful engine and solid airframe makes it perfect choice for both training and championship flights. This aircraft is ideal for aerobatic courses, advanced aerobatic practice or national and international championships.

£390 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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Cessna 310R

Magnificent twin aircraft

3xCessna 310R are the most recent additions to Modern Air fleet. Thanks to this aircraft, we're certified to offer MEP and ME IR courses, which are great steps forward in your pilot career. Very well flown and recently fully inspected aircraft, with a 2-, 4- or 6-seat configuration, almost 1600 km endurance and 180 kts cruise speed.

£500 /hr engine running time + £10 per sortie landing fee

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