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Modern Air UK

Modern Air was started in 1989 with the aim of providing a higher standard of aircraft than normally available for self-fly rental and extraordinary pilot training.
Our existing rental fleet includes a range of aircraft suitable for self-hire as well as many types of courses.
All are equipped for foreign trips and are fully documented, with world-class instructors available on site for further training.

We are UK CAA-registered training and maintenance organisation, able to provide everything for you and your aircraft.








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Whether you're looking for self-fly or training courses, Modern Air is best choice.

What pilots are saying

My Adv. UPRT training with Modern Air was great fun with top instructors and valuable lessons. Would definitely recommend this to everyone!

Danielle, A320 Pilot

Quick and professional initial course for LAPL and further PPL/Night ratings - with a range of aircraft and international instructors, it was best choice.

Filip, Private Pilot

After converting into airlines, I enjoyed flying with Modern Air instructors, sharing same values and passion for flying. Great place to continue career.

Adrian, Military Pilot
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