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New, better future

Under new management

We are excited to announce that Adrian Willis has now taken over the management of Modern Air. He is determined to make Modern Air the best flight school in the UK and has exciting plans. Not all of which will happen straight away, particularly with the burden Covid19 has placed on us all. Gaining from experience and partnering with British Aerobatic Academy, we’re thrilled to offer exciting opportunities.

As he’s saying:

I have combined the British Aerobatic Academy operations with Modern Air and associated aircraft. The flight schools will be much busier and we anticipate having staff onsite most of the daylight hours and many night time hours both for private and commercial courses..

We have 3 examiners, 15 instructors and 4 engineers additional to the existing Modern Air team, so we are well placed to help you in any way we can. Remember, the most enjoyable aspect of flying is the training.

Of course we don’t profess to have a monopoly on good ideas and would welcome feedback from members and airfield community.

We look forward to seeing all aviators and aviation enthusiasts for flight training, self-hire or just dropping by at Modern Air.


24th November, 2020
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