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Course Overview

Partnered with British Aerobatic Academy, we’re the most busy school in the world running Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate and Advanced aerobatics courses. Whether you’re a beginner or already flying aerobatics, we’ll make sure that you master the skills and get you ready for your flights or championships.

Our instructors are world-class champions, with many trophies and many-thousands hours of aerobatic flights, to train you in best possible way.

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Time and hours

8 / 12


ground school and briefing
5 / 8


flight training
4 / 6


required to complete
Exact number depends on the training category.

Variants & Packages


This course is the EASA Aerobatic Rating Course and is also our Basic (Club) Course. During the course you will gain a solid foundation of aerobatics, you will be able to fly the Club Known sequence to competition standard and also be able to at least get round the Sports Known.

Priced at £ 1,900.

(excluding landing fees)

Read more here.

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The Sportsman (Sports) course continues from the Basic or Club course and provides everything you need to learn to compete at Sports level in BAeA competitions in the UK. If you have done both the Basic and the Sports course, you should be at a competitive standard and would be welcome to use our aircraft in UK aerobatic competitions.

Priced at £ 2,520.

(excluding landing fees)

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The Intermediate course continues from the Sports or Basic course and provides everything you need to learn to compete at Intermediate level in BAeA competitions in the UK.

Priced at £ 3,300.

(excluding landing fees)

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The Advanced Course continues from the Intermediate  course and provides everything you need to learn to compete at Advanced  level in BAeA competitions in the UK.

Students may be offered the opportunity to complete part of the course in our GenPro 330hp single seater.  The best aerobatic aircraft in the world.

Priced at £ 3,300.

(excluding landing fees)

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£ 1,675, £ 2,520 or £ 3,300

Depending on the entry category. If training for EASA license, additional £10/hour.

Course Syllabus



  • Collision avoidance
  • Nuisance reduction
  • Navigation

Human Factors

  • Motion sickness
  • Orientation
  • The physiological effects of G and how to manage this safely
  • GLOC and how to guard against it

Engine & Airframe

  • Knowledge of limitations & safety aspects
  • Pre-flight procedures
  • The different operating practices that are recommended with aerobatic aircraft

Competition Craft

  • An understanding of the competition box
  • Competition rules for Beginner Comps
  • Entering the exiting the box
  • An understanding of the judging criteria for the beginners sequence and selected figures from the Standard sequence.
  • The ability to compete at Beginners level at a BAeA event.

Handling Skills

  • Recovery from a loss of control, including:
    • Power off and power on normal and high speed stalls with and without bank
    • Power off, erect spins (non-precision recoveries)
    • Power on tail slides
  • Recovery from Unusual Attitudes
  • Wing rocks
  • Slow flight – Level, climbing, turning & descending
  • Advanced steep turns
  • 45 lines
  • Loops
  • Ballistic Roll
  • Aileron Roll
  • Half Cuban
  • Barrel Roll*
  • Stall Turn
  • Half Roll off the top of a Loop
  • Quarter Clover, rolling upwards*
  • Fly BAeA Beginner Sequence

* May be skipped in favour of more focus in other areas (in keeping with changes to BAeA sequence guidelines).


Flight Exercises

  • Airmanship – Considerations as applicable to the flight exercise.
  • Basic Aerobatics – revision
    • Loops
    • Rolls using aileron
    • Stall turns
    • Half-Loop,
    • Half-Roll
  • Spins entered from level deceleration
  • Spins entered after a climbing 45° line
  • Precision spin recoveries including 1, 1¼ and 1½ turns.
  • Recoveries from mis-handled vertical lines, including inadvertent spins.
  • Torque and gyroscopics at low speed.
  • Combination of:
    • Half Barrel Roll up and Half Loop down
    • (Quarter Clover rolling upwards)
  • Precision Wingovers
    • (Lazy Eights)

Aerobatic Manoeuvres

  • Half Cuban Eight (rolling on down line) entered from descending 45° line (Goldfish
  • Half Reverse Cuban Eight (rolling on up line)
  • Ditto followed by climbing 45° line
  • Half Roll and Half Loop down (Split-S)
  • Two-Point Roll
  • Four-Point Roll
  • Stall Turn with ¼ roll down
  • Hesitation Loops (P, Q and Humpty)


Aerobatic maneouvers

  • Straight and level inverted flight
  • Inverted turns
  • Inverted steep turns (60° of bank)
  • Recovery form inverted spiral dive
  • Inverted stall from level deceleration
  • Inverted spins entered from level inverted
  • Non-precision recovery
  • Precision spin recoveries including 1 and 1½ turns.
  • Low speed inverted flight
  • half square loop
  • Pushing at low speed slipstream + gyro + torque!!
  • Outside looping segments, 45° segments, up and down
  • Outside looping segments, half loop up
  • Outside looping segments, stall turn, push out
  • Flick rolls:
    • entry speeds
    • unloading
    • effects of aileron
    • stopping after ½
  • Rolling turns: inside
    • optimum speeds
    • flat turning aspects
    • spatial orientation
    • rhythm
  • Rolling turns: outside
    • differences from inside
  • Vertical rolling, up and down


Technical subjects

  • Judging Criteria
    • Latest changes
    • PZ and HZ
    • Performance Zone
    • CG Track verses Zero lift axis
  • Advanced Figures
  • Outside Rolling Circles
    • 4 rolls in 360
    • 3 rolls in 360
    • Erect and inverted start
  • Negative Flick Rolls (Snap Rolls)
  • Tail Slides
  • Positive flick rolls:
    • Vertical down
    • 45° up and down
    • Multiple flicks off half loop up
    • Entry speeds and unloading
  • Inside & Outside Rolling circles
  • Advanced loops:
    • Outside
    • Rolling
    • Chinese
    • Hesitation
  • Rolling in the vertical:
    • up and down
    • 4 and 8 point


  • Notation for Advanced aerobatic manoeuvres
  • Aresti System (Condensed)
    (http://www.aresti system.com)

Sequence Design

  • CIVA rules
  • Free Knowns
  • Positioning

All advanced figures will be taught/practiced including flying unknown sequences

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In order to get EASA or AOPA Aerobatic Rating, you must have completed 40 hrs as PIC after obtaining your license, but training can be started before this condition is met.

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