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Tailwheel conversion course for stick-and-rudder flying


Course Overview

We provide excellent tail wheel courses. Flying Tailwheel aircraft is more challenging and more enjoyable than nose wheel. It is a skill that needs to be taught by an expert so that if the landing gets out of shape, you learn from it but the aircraft does not get damaged. Of course most schools choose to teach in an aircraft that is so benign that little real skill is actually required but this will bite you in the backside when you come to fly a more challenging type.

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We teach in our 1946 Cessna 140. It is a fantastic aircraft and will teach you a lot. It demands that you learn the right lessons but when it does get out of shape, our instructors can recover easily. Once you have mastered the 140, other tailwheel aircraft will feel very easy. We also have a 1944 Argus for you to convert to after completing the course

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Time and hours



engine running time


pre-flight Theory (at aircraft)


pre & Post-flight Briefing/Debriefing


£ 900

Based on Cessna 140.

Some students may require a little more time to reach our high standards.
This is priced at:

  • Solo hire £165 per hour
  • Dual hire £175 per hour
  • Ground school additional to that detailed above – £60 per hour

Use of own aircraft – £100 per hour.

Training with EASA license – additional £10/hour.

Course Syllabus

Ground school

  • Aircraft systems
  • Tailwheel theory
  • Tailwheel taxiing technique
  • Tailwheel take off and landing techniques
  • Pre-flight briefings
  • Post flight briefings

Flight exercises

  • Start-up, taxi (weaving) take off
  • Aircraft familiarisation, stalls, side-slips
  • Normal, crosswind, wheeler and short field landings
  • Emergencies / PFL’s


What will you get after completion

Certificate of completion

Tailwheel sign off

Can be used as your bi-annual instructor trip

Solo hire our Cessna 140 post course

Ready to fly with us?

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